8 Do’s and Dont’s When Staying in Hotels

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A hotel room may just be another temporary place to stay while you are traveling. But you can keep the experience as pleasant as possible. Here are some of the do’s and don’ts that hotel guests ought to live by.

DO treat hotel staff politely. Even the best hotels are far from perfect. Staff can make mistakes. This should not be an excuse to be rude or to yell at them. Be courteous. It makes for a more pleasant experience for everyone.

DON’T blame the hotel staff if he or she barges into your room if you wish not to be disturbed. Make sure to use the Do Not Disturb sign if you don’t want any room attendant or housekeeping staff to do their duties while you are there.

DO reuse your towels. Reusing your towels at least once or twice is more eco-friendly. Unless it becomes dirty after the first use, you should hang it again to indicate that you plan to use it again.

DON’T leave a mess. Just because someone keeps the room neat and clean for you does not mean it is okay to make a mess.

DO consider privacy and safety in mind. Keep details like your room number private. If you need to tell anyone, make sure that there is no one around you who may overhear it. If someone claiming to be from the front desk calls your hotel room asking for your credit card details, make sure that the request is legitimate. Tell them that you will call them in a while. Hang up and make the call or go there personally to give the information they want. This is to ensure that you are not talking to a potential scammer who may try to steal sensitive credit card information.

DON’T eat or drink anything from the minibar then head out shopping for replacements. Hotel room attendants keep an inventory of the items on your minibar and they will likely know if you used up some of its content.

DO be considerate of other guests. Avoid making noises that may disturb other guests.

DON’T smoke. Observe the hotel’s no smoking policy, if applicable. The smell of cigarette smoke tends to linger. It could be bothersome for other guests who may be allergic to the smell.

17th Street, Denver

Top 5 Cannabis-Friendly Hotels in Denver, Colorado

About to stay in Denver but worried about your weed needs? Say no more! These accommodations are friendly to marijuana smokers. Get ready for this short alphabet lesson we’ve prepared just for you. Continue at your own pace!

Letter A: All Suite Hotel

Location: I-70 & Peoria St., Denver, CO 80010
Phone Number: 303-223-5903
This hotel has balconies that are smoke-friendly and what you’ll really appreciate is that it’s just a few minutes away from Denver International Airport, and about 10 minutes away from downtown Denver. A night’s stay can cost you $129 or more, and all rooms are e-nail and vaporizer friendly. Trust me; you’ll love the style of this suite apartment; it features a modern style Western décor and its studio rooms even come with kitchenettes.

Letter B: Boutique Luxury 4 Star Hotel

Location: Champa St. & 17th St., Denver, CO 80202
Phone number: 303-223-5903
Want to spend time in the heart of downtown Denver? Stay in this marijuana-friendly luxury hotel for only $189 a night! Its location is so convenient; you’d want to extend your stay for a couple more days. It’s near Colorado Convention Center, 16th Street Mall, Denver Art Museum, Sports Authority Field, Union Station, and the Pepsi Center. It’s also near Denver’s top-notch restaurants and pubs. Plus, you’ll adore its 4-star restaurant, billiards room, lounge, and steam room.

17th Street, Denver
Letter C: Centrally Located Pet-Friendly Hotel

Location: Broadway & W 48th Ave., Denver, CO 80216
Phone number: 303-223-5903
Taking a vacay? You can just grow weed at home, carry it, and smoke marijuana in this 420 friendly hotel with a pool! The hotel’s even pet-friendly; so you can bring your favorite pet along with you. It boasts of its downtown shuttle, video game arcade, bar, restaurant, and of course, pool. It’s also just 10 minutes away from 16th Street Mall, making its location favorable.
The hotel also has smoking rooms and king suites that include pull-out couches.

Letter D: Downtown Denver All-Suite Hotel

Location: 20th St & Champa St., Denver, CO 80202
Phone number: 303-223-5903
The price might shock you (starting at $229/night), but it’s one of the best hotels you’ll ever visit in Denver. It has a contemporary style, and all rooms are e-nail and vaporizer friendly. They offer studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom suites with living areas, kitchens, and pull-out couches. Because who doesn’t want pull-out couches?
Its location is also close to bars, breweries, dispensaries, and restaurants.
Plus, you’ll be thankful for the complimentary hot breakfast buffet, grocery delivery service, and weekday snack social. After realizing that you consumed a lot of carbs, you can just hit the hotel’s gym too. You can even hang out in its outdoor smoking area that comes with a barbecue and fire pit!

Letter E: East Denver Hotel

Location: Quebec St & E 35th Ave., Denver, CO 80207
Phone number: 303-223-5903
Starting at $159/night, this BUDget friendly hotel comes with balconies, hot tubs, and an indoor pool. This famous three-star, marijuana-friendly hotel is ideally located between Denver International Airport and downtown Denver. It’s also pet-friendly!


4 Luxurious Hotels in New York City

Remember the first time you tried paint spraying? Even if you’ve read its advantages, it’s still a different experience when you’re already using a paint sprayer. More so if you try these hotels! It’s not enough to know how impressive they are; you’ve got to experience the luxurious life first-hand. Ready to have the time of your life? Here we go!

The New York Edition

New York Edition HotelFeaturing 273 rooms, this hotel is situated in Madison Square Park in the city’s Flatiron District. It’s close to the market, the park, as well as other hotels and restaurants. This elegant hotel is inspired by the Gilded Age, so you’ll find the design a bit dramatic but utterly stylish. The New York Edition also includes a bar, spa, laundry, restaurant, and a fitness center. And for the love of internet, yes, there’s also free Wi-Fi.

Price: Double rooms $775, without breakfast.

The Whitby

Located in Upper Midtown, this beautifully designed hotel is in the heart of the city. It’s close to the Central Park, the Museum of Modern Art, The Rockefeller Centre, and several theatres. If you want to go shopping, department stores like the Bloomingdales, Bergdorf Goodman, and Barney’s are also near. If you don’t like hotel food (which is unlikely) or you just want to dine in another restaurant, you could try the nearby Benihana, Ma Peche, Nobu, and The Modern. The Whitby features its 24/7 gym, private party room, and reading room with 2,500 books, that would make any book lover dizzy but happy.

Prices: Double Rooms – $695 (low season) and $820 (high season). Inclusion: Breakfast

Additional info: There’s free Wi-Fi (I know you’re itching to know that).

AKA Wall Street

AKA Wall Street Condo Hotel

This hotel is close to the One World Trade Center, the Oculus, the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, South Street Seaport, and Battery Park. It’s also easy to shop because the hip Smorgasburg market is in the vicinity. The hotel highlights its Live It Programme, where you can choose whether to train and work out with Amie Hoff, take a photo lesson with a photographer, or attend a dance class. Like other hotels, it also includes laundry services and the all-time favorite amenity––free Wi-Fi.

Prices: Studio Rooms: $295 (low season) and $425 (high season). If you stay for a week, the rates will be reduced by 20%. If you book for a month, they’ll decrease by 30%.

Soho Grand Hotel


Sandwiched between the Sixth Avenue and Broadway, this luxury hotel in the West Broadway couldn’t get any more accessible. The Soho is designed by Bill Sofield, allowing you to feel like music’s around you wherever you go. It highlights its bar, restaurant, spa, and fitness center. The room service is also commendable. And for goodness’ sake, free Wi-Fi is available.


Some Must-Dos Before Your Next Vacation Trip

vacation trip

Admit it or not, going on a vacation trip can be quite daunting. There’s the planning stage (before), which you need to be careful with to make your vacation trip worthwhile; the actual stage (during), where you also need to be careful to make your vacation trip even more worthwhile; and the wrapping stage (after), which you need to be mindful of than any other thing to make your next vacation trip worth looking forward to.

But you know what?

Admit it or not, going on a vacation trip can also be quite daunting. There’s the planning stage (before), which you can personalize according to your preferences to make your vacation trip worthwhile; the actual stage (during), where you can also personalize your needs to make your vacation trip even more worthwhile; and the wrapping stage (after), which you can customize according to your experiences to make your next vacation trip worth looking forward to.

And you know what?

You only need to focus on the planning stage for everything else to fall into place.

That being said, here are some must-dos before your next vacation trip.

Do your own research.

As they say, prevention is better than cure. And by this, it means preventing any foreseen troubles from ruining your vacation trip by doing your own research regarding flights and accommodations and other things related to the kind of journey you’re planning to embark on. And by this, it also means preventing any unforeseen troubles from further ruining your vacation trip by doing your own research regarding the do’s and don’ts on flights and accommodations and the pros and cons on other things related to the kind of journey you’re planning to embark on. Even more so, this is for you to know more about a place’s history and culture – both of which are great guides in case you find yourself at loss in social situations.

Pack what you only need.

The reasons for this are quite simple, and even go for just about anyone who is looking to travel someplace else. This is for you to roam all over the place without worrying about your baggage getting in the way of your spontaneousity as you sample on every single place to go within the area you’ll be in. This also for you to rove all over the place without worrying about your baggage getting in the way of your curiosity as you sample on every thing to do within the area you’ll be on. Even more so, this is for you to make space for important things such as emergency kits and water bottles – both of which are great uses in case you find yourself at loss in unexpected situations.

Any other must-dos before your next vacation trip? Share them with us below!

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Consider These When Booking Hotel Rooms

hotel room

It never hurts to come prepared, especially when it comes to booking hotel rooms. However, it’s just like booking Glasgow to London flights – where you need to consider some important points.

Consider these when booking hotel rooms:

The Hotel’s Location

When booking hotel rooms, one of the main points you have to consider is the hotel location. Is it near the airport? Is it near shopping malls? Is it near restaurants? Is it near tourist attractions? As for beginners travelling internationally, is the hotel near the immigration building – just in case something unfavorable happens to you? Always make sure that the hotel’s location is within reach to any major establishments, as well as national agencies and international constitutions for easy tracking and for more guidance while staying in an unfamiliar place.

The Hotel’s Rate

Another main point you have to consider when booking hotel rooms is the hotel’s rate. Is it within your budget? Is it out of your budget? Don’t worry. You can book hotel rooms a few months in advance, where discounts are offered upon early booking. You can also book hotel rooms online a few weeks in advance, where various promos are offered almost every day. The key here is booking hotel rooms of value with a rate that’s enough for you to make the most out of your stay.

The Hotel’s Features

When it comes to features, it usually depends on the person booking for hotel rooms. If you’re someone who likes to go midnight swimming, make sure to book for a hotel that offers pool access. If you’re someone who likes to sample gourmet dishes, make sure to book for a hotel that offers buffet meals. Otherwise, just make sure to book for a hotel that offers exclusive bathrooms, hot shower, and other features that at least ensures your utmost comfort.