8 Do’s and Dont’s When Staying in Hotels

hotel room

hotel room

A hotel room may just be another temporary place to stay while you are traveling. But you can keep the experience as pleasant as possible. Here are some of the do’s and don’ts that hotel guests ought to live by.

DO treat hotel staff politely. Even the best hotels are far from perfect. Staff can make mistakes. This should not be an excuse to be rude or to yell at them. Be courteous. It makes for a more pleasant experience for everyone.

DON’T blame the hotel staff if he or she barges into your room if you wish not to be disturbed. Make sure to use the Do Not Disturb sign if you don’t want any room attendant or housekeeping staff to do their duties while you are there.

DO reuse your towels. Reusing your towels at least once or twice is more eco-friendly. Unless it becomes dirty after the first use, you should hang it again to indicate that you plan to use it again.

DON’T leave a mess. Just because someone keeps the room neat and clean for you does not mean it is okay to make a mess.

DO consider privacy and safety in mind. Keep details like your room number private. If you need to tell anyone, make sure that there is no one around you who may overhear it. If someone claiming to be from the front desk calls your hotel room asking for your credit card details, make sure that the request is legitimate. Tell them that you will call them in a while. Hang up and make the call or go there personally to give the information they want. This is to ensure that you are not talking to a potential scammer who may try to steal sensitive credit card information.

DON’T eat or drink anything from the minibar then head out shopping for replacements. Hotel room attendants keep an inventory of the items on your minibar and they will likely know if you used up some of its content.

DO be considerate of other guests. Avoid making noises that may disturb other guests.

DON’T smoke. Observe the hotel’s no smoking policy, if applicable. The smell of cigarette smoke tends to linger. It could be bothersome for other guests who may be allergic to the smell.

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