Power Talks: Using an Inverter Generator in a Hotel

amico power inverter generator

In simpler terms, an inverter generator is a type of generator that converts AC to DC, then inverts it back to AC to create smoother power than the conventional generator we know.

The smooth or clean energy produced by inverters allow them to supply higher-quality electricity that can power up even the most sensitive electronics such as phones, laptops, and HDTVs.

Now, why should hotels use this type of generator instead of a standard one?

Reason #1: Inverters are quiet

Imagine it’s 2:00 in the morning. You’re staying at a hotel when suddenly a blackout ruins your slumber. The lobby informs you that the generator will operate in a while. And when it started running, you couldn’t go back to sleep because of the loud humming noise the generator makes. Isn’t that annoying and irritating in all aspects?

However, if the hotel will use inverter generators, their customers can sleep or go on with their activities without having to deal with the powerful sound that the generators produce. That’s because inverters only run at 50-60 decibels, which is similar to the noise you hear in the office or when you’re speaking with your normal voice. A vacuum cleaner will even run louder because it produces 70 decibels! Hotels should really start checking out the best inverter generator for the money.

Know more by watching this informative YouTube video we found:

Reason #2: Inverters are fuel-efficient

Inverter generators also save power, lessen pollution, and reduce the money needed for fuel. Research shows that compared to standard generators, they can conserve up to 50% power, making them ideal for both small and large hotels.

amico power inverter generatorThanks to inverter generators that come with eco-throttle or economy mode, less gas will be consumed.

What makes inverters perfect for hotels is their ability to adjust the engine speed based on the power required by the appliances. This means they don’t have to run at a constant rpm speed to fully function, unlike conventional generators that need a constant rate of 3,600 rpm to run. Note that lower rpm (revolutions per minute) can save 20-40 percent of fuel.

In a nutshell, hotels should start using inverter generators if they want to provide more comfort and uninterrupted fun to their customers.

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