Power Talks: Using an Inverter Generator in a Hotel

In simpler terms, an inverter generator is a type of generator that converts AC to DC, then inverts it back to AC to create smoother power than the conventional generator we know.

The smooth or clean energy produced by inverters allow them to supply higher-quality electricity that can power up even the most sensitive electronics such as phones, laptops, and HDTVs.

Now, why should hotels use this type of generator instead of a standard one?

Reason #1: Inverters are quiet

Imagine it’s 2:00 in the morning. You’re staying at a hotel when suddenly a blackout ruins your slumber. The lobby informs you that the generator will operate in a while. And when it started running, you couldn’t go back to sleep because of the loud humming noise the generator makes. Isn’t that annoying and irritating in all aspects?

However, if the hotel will use inverter generators, their customers can sleep or go on with their activities without having to deal with the powerful sound that the generators produce. That’s because inverters only run at 50-60 decibels, which is similar to the noise you hear in the office or when you’re speaking with your normal voice. A vacuum cleaner will even run louder because it produces 70 decibels! Hotels should really start checking out the best inverter generator for the money.

Know more by watching this informative YouTube video we found:

Reason #2: Inverters are fuel-efficient

Inverter generators also save power, lessen pollution, and reduce the money needed for fuel. Research shows that compared to standard generators, they can conserve up to 50% power, making them ideal for both small and large hotels.

amico power inverter generatorThanks to inverter generators that come with eco-throttle or economy mode, less gas will be consumed.

What makes inverters perfect for hotels is their ability to adjust the engine speed based on the power required by the appliances. This means they don’t have to run at a constant rpm speed to fully function, unlike conventional generators that need a constant rate of 3,600 rpm to run. Note that lower rpm (revolutions per minute) can save 20-40 percent of fuel.

In a nutshell, hotels should start using inverter generators if they want to provide more comfort and uninterrupted fun to their customers.

Hotels and Fresh Juices

Fresh and Healthy

Hotel Restaurants don’t serve merely squeezed juices nowadays—they’ve stepped up their game by offering fresh juices.

This is because health-conscious hotel guests prefer fresh juices with red beets, carrots, ginger, and kale than store-bought juices. Hotels have seen that fresh juice stands and stores are becoming more popular than ever, and they’ve responded quickly.

Hotels have started marketing fresh juices and smoothies—whether greens or not, making customers want to try smoothiemaking too! Knowing that juice is “freshly served” in a particular hotel is something customers would want.

“Fresh” Hotels

This is the list of hotels that pioneered the “fresh” juice movement in the USA last 2014.

The Fairmont Washington, D.C

They offered the “Strawberry Shrub” juice which is a blend of strawberries (obviously), apple cider vinegar, and parsley. It’s an ideal juice for cleansing.

Kimpton Hotels and Restaurant

They’ve launched a juice menu with three blends. They’ve included “Being Green” which is a mixture of celery, spinach cucumber, and lemon. They began serving it at 10 Kimpton properties before offering them to all their hotels nationwide.


Several Four Seasons Hotels

They were also part of the “fresh” revolution. They’re popular because of their made-to-order juice and smoothie bars. These fresh juices include cucumber, pineapple, broccoli, celery, pear, spinach, ginger, leafy greens, and peppers.

Four Seasons Resort the Biltmore Santa Barbara

They’re well-known for their organic juices and juice program called “Farm to Straw.” They use ingredients from local farms which are either certified organic or operating towards certification.



Fresh juices have been dominating hotels and even homes ever since quality juicers became the answer to the problems of health-conscious people. To be honest, there’s nothing wrong with fresh juices. The only issue one should be aware of is the danger of consuming too much fruit juices. It’s recommended to prioritize vegetable juices over fruit juices because fruits contain sugar, and too much sugar isn’t healthy at all, even if they’re served in a glass of juice.

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